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The 'bourgeoisiefied' British and other Euramerican working class is the domestic class ally of imperialism

"The 'bourgeoisiefied' British and other Euramerican working class is the domestic class ally of imperialism. [...] The imperialist proletariat and the semi-colonial bourgeoisie are the two class allies of the capitalist-imperialist class."
(from Hosea Jaffe's letter of 11 January 1980 to Ernest Mandel)
"Regarding the article on the South African Student boycott and strikes: its reportage was fair, except that it missed the failure of the police attempt to use 'skollies' and 'tsotsis' (lumpens, in a way) to divert the struggle of the people. Its attempt was scotched by the high level of consciousness of the workers in the Cape on the question of Non-European unity (thanks to long and continued work, to this day, by the Non-European Unity Movement people and to NO other tendency). The article talks of the relatively low political consciousness in S. Africa but, good heavens, it is much, much higher than that of the politically backward European and N. American workers! Why this implicit chauvinism?...
The article ends up with the advice that the European and USA workers should 'systematise' their 'aid' for the African unions in South Africa. The Lord save us from this! We had it from Motherwell in 1928 (H.J. and their Ballingers smashed the great Non-European union, the Industrial and Commercial Workers Union)..."
(from Hosea Jaffe's letter of 24 October 1980 to Ernest Mandel)

"[...] To tell the workers in the handful of rich countries where life is easier, thanks to imperialist pillage, that they must be afraid of “too great” impoverishment, is counter-revolutionary. It is the reverse that they should be told. The labour aristocracy that is afraid of sacrifices, afraid of “too great” impoverishment during the revolutionary struggle, cannot belong to the Party. Otherwise the dictatorship is impossible, especially in West-European countries." - V.I Lenin

(Source: "The Second Congress of the Communist International, 1. Report On The International Situation And The Fundamental Tasks Of The Communist International - July 19". Available to read here:

"The English proletariat is becoming more and more bourgeois, so that this most bourgeois of all nations is apparently aiming ultimately at the possession of a bourgeois aristocracy, and a bourgeois proletariat as well as a bourgeoisie. For a nation which exploits the whole world, this is, of course, to a certain extent justifiable.” and “You ask me what the English workers think about colonial policy? Well exactly the same as they think about politics in general. There is no workers’ party here, there are only Conservatives and Liberal Radicals, and the workers merrily share the feast of England’s monopoly of the colonies and the world market.” - Friedrich Engels 

Fight, reject, boycott the European Union

We must FIGHT, REJECT, BOYCOTT the European Economic Community. Socialism is not an "alternative" to the European Economic Community, but can only be built on the ruins of the European Economic Community. We must reject it and go to the workers with this message, in their interests as well as those of the African victims (46 states) of the Lomé Convention. (from Hosea Jaffe's letter of 29 May 1976 to Ernest Mandel)

Our second difference: EUROPEANISM and not just the European Economic Community. It is unfair to suggest that if one is anti-EEC one is pro one's own national imperialism. On the contrary, the European Economic Community itself encourages this chauvinism and the anti-EEC fight is not for this or that privilege inside the EEC but FOR ITS ABOLITION. To say the least, this is the worst time to talk about any kind of United States of Europe. Lenin, at one stage, REJECTED the slogan of a Socialist United States of Europe. Since then there has been Hitler and then the European Economic Community and the idea is WORSE now, not better... (from Hosea Jaffe's letter of 2 June 1976 to Ernest Mandel)

We expect the workers in the European countries to ally themselves with the colonial toilers and to join the bloc of Workers States already existing, and not aim at a new bloc of European socialist states, which is, objectively, a social-chauvinist illusion in our present epoch of "late imperialism". (from Hosea Jaffe's letter of 2 June 1976 to Ernest Mandel)

To raise the United States of Europe slogan today is to replace the call "Workers of the World Unite" with the call "White workers of the World Unite". (from Hosea Jaffe's letter of 21 November 1977 to Ernest Mandel)

The main and only historical oppressor in the capitalist world is: IMPERIALISM. Nationally, this includes: North America, Western Europe, Japan, Australasia, South Africa, Israel and European settlers in South and Central America. These are national oppressors. They are also racist oppressors. (from Hosea Jaffe's letter of 10 March 1978 to Ernest Mandel)

The Western European proletariat is reactionary, because it is corrupted by imperialist super-profits and limiting its struggles to economism. The Japanese proletariat is obviously in the same category (it has conducted even less anti-imperialist struggles than the Western European ones). The North American proletariat is the most reactionary of all. The Eastern European proletariat is also reactionary, as it has the tendency to involve itself in pro-imperialist mass uprisings and insurrections (East Germany 1953, Hungary and Poland 1956, Czechoslovakia 1968, Poland 1970, not to speak of Yugoslavia). The most important sectors of the Latin-American proletariat (Argentine, Brazil) are settlers and therefore reactionary too.
This can only lead to one key conclusion: socialist world revolution is not on the agenda for a long time. First there will be a stage of national liberation in the colonies, the only genuine struggle going on in the world today. After many decades, there could be some socialism on the agenda.
Some proletariats are so reactionary or hidebound that socialism cannot come to them via a revolution but via a foreign blessing.
(from Hosea Jaffe's letter of November 21, 1977, to Ernest Mandel)

What is the United Socialist States of Europe but a left-wing version of the imperialist multi-national EEC (the European Economic Community)? It is European social-chauvinism. The unity of French and German workers is irrelevant - it will only make the French as bad as the Germans, at present anyway. (from Hosea Jaffe's letter of November 21, 1977, to Ernest Mandel)