sâmbătă, 21 februarie 2015

WoollyBoolly and the exploitation that comes in a nice packaging called "empowerment"

Two weeks ago, while perusing Brownsfashion.com, I discovered a Dutch knitwear brand, WoolyBoolly, that was selling scarves made in poor countries such as Romania. One of the scarves was sold for 755 €. Then I discovered WoolyBoolly's page on Facebook, and I posted a message asking its owner, Nimi Ponnudurai, how much she was paying the Romanian knitters. I told her that as a Romanian, I was interested to know the cost of labour in Romania. She did not reply to my question then, she left it there ignoring it, and went on publishing that Browns link I had mentioned in my message, for advertising purposes. Yesterday I remembered about the question I had asked her two weeks ago on Facebook, and checked WoolyBoolly's page to see if Nimi Ponnudurai had answered me, and I discovered that she hadn’t. I posted  a new comment, mentioning this time that I found it hypocritical to call the exploitation of women in poor countries such as Romania “empowerment” (as she does on her website: http://www.woollyboolly.com/about):

 She cancelled my comment and sent me a private message claiming I "have it all wrong" and I was "rude", "angry" and "just miserable", and that "the women love what they are doing. They stay home and knit instead of working on the farm":